About us

«International Ropejumping Federation» is a non-profit voluntary self-governing community association of sports-oriented activities with legal status, that is formed to provide permanent and safe all-round development of ropejumping in the world.

Goals and objectives:

1. promoting ropejumping activities in different countries all over the world, popularisation of it as a part of healthy and active lifestyle.

2. Ensuring an appropriate level of safety of ropejumping activities.

3. Promoting the use in ropejumping activities the most perfect equipment.

4.Making international rules of ropejumping competitions.

5. Organization of iinternational competitions in ropejumping disciplines recognized by the Federation.

6. Fixation and veryfying international ropejumping records.

7. Improvement of skills of ropejumping instructors and jumpers.

8. Increasing of tourism attraction of the regions which are the most suitable for ropejumping activities.

9. Keeping a favorable and friendly environment of cooperation, openness and mutual respect between peoples through the free exchange of information and points of views between members of the Federation from around the world.

10. Developing and improving systems for jumping and free falling from tall objects used in ropejumping.

11. Making safety rules binding on all members of the Federation while organizing and carrying out any ropejumping events.

12. Organizing research of ropejumping safety involving research institutions, experts and specialists.

13. Awarding the outstanding individual achievements and contributions to the development of ropejumping in the world.

14. In the manner, prescribed by laws, participating in drafting of regulatory documents, issued by state authorities, local authorities and related to the Federation activities, and participating also in the work of consultative, advisory and other auxiliary authorities formed by them.

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